Holidays & Events

14 Feb 2018

Valentines day at L’ATELIER and LE GRILL

Join us on Valentine’s Day for a special 4-course menu (with choices for each course) featuring luxury ingredients including truffles, lobster, and foie gras.
Guests will also receive a box of house made chocolates from Pastry Chef Salvatore Martone.

We will be offering the same celebratory menu at both L’ATELIER and LE GRILL that evening. At L’ATELIER, parties of 2 will be seated at the restaurant’s signature dining counter, overlooking the open kitchen. For guests wishing to enjoy traditional table seating, we offer tables for parties of 2 (and all sizes) in LE GRILL.

Reservations from 4:30-11pm

$275/pp; optional wine pairings available

Our prices are hospitality included 

*Please note, we are offering the same celebratory menu at L’ATELIER and LE GRILL, and it will be the only menu served at both restaurants that evening